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I am a huge advocate of hypnobirthing after using it throughout my first pregnancy. Prior to hypnobirthing, I was nervous about birth, but through using different techniques, I remained focused and calm throughout. I am now a fully qualified hypnobirthing teacher and am passionate about helping parents to feel confident and excited about birth.
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At The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School, I have a HUGE passion for helping parents to feel excited about the birth of their baby. Feeling confident and in control on the day that your baby is born. That’s what hypnobirthing is all about.

Giving birth is an incredibly important life experience and that’s why it’s vital that you feel in control and positive about the experience you have. In order to do this, you need to understand the different options available to you when it comes to the birthing process whilst having a variety of techniques to help aid relaxation in any environment.

Our 5-star rated hypnobirthing classes are focused on being prepared for all types of birth, with my main priority being able to support parents in feeling happy with their birthing choices, regardless of what they are. I offer private hypnobirthing in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate and many other areas in Yorkshire and online hypnobirthing to anyone using Skype or Zoom, just get in touch for further information!


Helping to prepare you, your birth partner and your baby for birth

Hypnobirthing is about understanding the science behind birth itself, the different options for birth as well as learning different techniques to help you remain calm and in control prior to and throughout the birth of your baby. Hypnobirthing will provide you with more confidence to make informed decisions about potential options that are given to you during pregnancy and the birthing process and ask the most important question of all ‘Is this the best thing for me and my baby?’

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Giving you the tools and confidence to have the birth you deserve

I provide a friendly, interactive and and open space for you to talk about any apprehensions or desires that you may have for your pregnancy and birth, whilst giving you the tools and confidence to use during labour and beyond. I a variety of hypnobirthing courses and classes in Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford and beyond. The group hypnobirthing classes in Leeds are based in Menston (near Leeds Bradford Airport) in-between Guiseley and Ilkley and the group hypnobirthing classes in Harrogate take place in the town center.

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Is hypnobirthing right for me?

Yes! Hypnobirthing is for EVERY single type of birth and is a full antenatal program. Regardless of the type of birth that you have, where you have your baby or how you have your baby - hypnobirthing will help. Read the Q and A's for more information!

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How hypnobirthing has helped others

I would 100% recommend Laura’s classes to anyone having a baby!

Sophie, First Time Mama - Menston, Leeds - Group Class Review

Laura's classes really helped me to understand the birthing process and what to expect so I could have a calm birthing experience.

Elizabeth, First Time Mama – Farsley, Leeds - Group Hypnobirthing Class Review

Hypnobirthing taught me everything I needed to know about labour and the birth, and gave me the tools to work with my body and my mind to stay in control so when the day actually came, I felt fully informed, excited and mentally ready to take it on!

Heidi's Birth Story, First Time Mama - Horsforth

We became parents last week to a baby boy who was born via caesarean, although this wasn’t part of our birthing plan the techniques we learnt in the classes helped keep Lisa calm and relaxed throughout the labour.

Daniel, Father - Bramley, Leeds

All in all a MUCH better experience and I really feel hypnobirthing made a massive difference to our mindset and birth.

Amy and Gary - 2nd Time Parents, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

My partner and I took the private Hypnobirthing classes with Laura - she was so fantastic, we immediately felt at ease with her. She was patient, friendly, and had so much knowledge and advice to share.

Heidi, Mother to Be - Horsforth, Leeds

Laura has truly empowered me and given me a love and respect for my body and my baby that I didn’t know I had.

Autumn, Mother to Be -Otley, Leeds

We absolutely recommend this course not only to first time parents but to anyone who wants to educate themselves on choices during labour & methods to help towards a positive birth of your baby.

Elle, Mum to Be, Sherburn in Elmet, Selby

I have come away with a lot more knowledge of what I can bring, rather than pottering around like a lost schoolboy. We both feel more confident in what is to come.

Warren, 2nd Time Dad to Be, Birstall, Leeds

I have gone from being petrified of labour to looking forward to bringing my baby into the world in my own home, with the people that I love.

Stacey, 2nd Time Mum to Be, Morely, Leeds

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