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About Laura

How long have you got?!

I’m a thirty odd year old Mum living in Leeds with my two children – Charlotte, 4, William, 9 months and my husband Craig and pet cat and dog.

If you’d have told me 5 years ago that I was going to become a hypnobirthing teacher and doula – I wouldn’t have believed you.

When I fell pregnant with my daughter Charlotte, I was someone who was terrified of having a baby. Having suffered with medical anxiety from a young age – I knew I needed to find something that would support me to feel confident and overcome my fears about birth and that’s when I came across hypnobirthing.

I have now taught many parents to be whether that be 1st-time parents or 2nd-time parents from a variety of different backgrounds the benefits of being prepared for birth.

Prior to using hypnobirthing techniques,I was extremely nervous about any type of ‘medical’ environment and the idea of having a baby terrified me. After listening to negative birth stories and watching unrealistic births on TV I had a skewed idea about how we gave birth.

When I became pregnant I knew that I needed to do something to help me overcome my anxieties in order to ensure that I, my husband and my baby had a positive birth experience.

Despite a hospital transfer via ambulance and a baby born at 36 weeks, I was able to use hypnobirthing effectively, birthing my baby after 26 hours of active labour without any interventions (this was something I was keen on due to previous phobias). This for me was the perfect positive birth because I felt like I had made the decisions and therefore taken ultimate control of Charlotte’s birth.

As a result of this positive experience, not only was giving birth and meeting daughter the proudest moment of my life. I was proud of me in a way that I cannot describe, I had changed from a woman who lived in fear, to a mother who felt like she could do anything. This is exactly how every parent should feel after the birth of their baby and that’s what I’m all about – giving you the tools to have the experience you deserve.

If you want to collaborate, need a speaker to talk birth or hypnobirthing – get in touch!

Laura’s qualifications and completed courses –

KGHypnobirthing Teacher Training

Love Your Birth Expansion Training

Red Tent Doulas – Doula Training and Breastfeeding Support

The Lullaby Trust – SIDS and safer sleeping for babies training

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Reviews & birth stories

The difference hypnobirthing played in the birth of my 2nd child compared to my 1st is unbelievable.

Laura, 2nd time mama, Cookridge

As soon as I heard that Laura has trained as a hypnobirthing teacher, I had said to my husband that I would be doing classes with Laura if and when we got pregnant-it was a non-negotiable for me.

Vikki, 1st time Mama, Harrogate

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for everything, you really helped me so much take back control of my body, I feel powerful and amazing, we're all home now and doing really well, breastfeeding well and he is a chunky monkey! 8lb 12oz!! Thank you so so much!

Elle, 2nd Time Mama, Harrogate

We were very lucky to have the birth we had hoped for but I really believe being equipped with the skills and knowledge (and knowing it’s OUR birth!) made a huge difference.

The Birth of Toby - A Positive Hospital Birth Story by Tessa, 1st time Mama, Saltaire

Our birth story definitely wouldn’t have been as smooth without Laura. We really weren’t sure about Hypnobirthing but wanted to know more about it.

Fiona, 1st Time Mama - Harrogate

It made a huge difference in how I am feeling about my upcoming birth and equipped us both with lots of helpful, practical tools to advocate for our choices and face the whole process with more confidence.

Tessa, 1st Time Mama - Saltaire

I booked a refresher class with Laura before the birth of my second baby. I can’t recommend her enough, she made both me and my husband confident in our birth decisions

Sarah, 2nd Time Mama - Eldwick

We set up all my tools and anchors, Put the tens machine on, I sat on a birthing ball and simply breathed her out - no pushing required! The midwives arrived about 5:30 after we called them and I was already 9cm dilated so all that was left for them to do was catch her when she came out.

Lilys Homebirth

Your open and friendly nature made us all feel at ease immediately, it felt like a very personal session, and many members have commented on how they felt that they could ask questions confidently, with nothing being too much trouble for you.

The Leeds Student Midwifery Society

I just wanted to say thank you for the role you also played in our pregnancy and labour journey! I never felt any anxiety since your course and felt super confident in our decision to home birth even though we were first-time parents.

The Story of George's Homebirth