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Approaching your due date? Tips for protecting your happy hormones.

When we approach our estimated due date, it often feels like this new sense of pressure can start.. so much emphasis can be put on this one day and its great to have things in place to keep those happy hormones (particularly my favourite.. oxytocin!) high.

Here’s a few things that you can look to do –

  • If induction is being suggested because of post dates, don’t feel obligated to book an induction in weeks in advance. Some people may feel the pressure from medical professionals to book an induction in around their due date
  • Remember that only 5% of babies arrive on their estimated due date so go do something fun on this date, go for a pamper, meet some friends or have a date night!
  • Have a chat with friends and family in the weeks before your due date and let them know that its important that they don’t keep asking you ‘oh is the baby here yet!?’ whilst these conversations can be tricky for some, its more important that you set boundaries to protect your space.
  • If your earlier on in your pregnancy consider telling those close to you a due window (due around October time for example) as opposed to a due date!
  • Write a letter to yourself and how incredible you are – if there are things that are making you feel anxious about birth, write them down and rip it all up once you’ve finished
  • Spend some time in your babies nursery
  • Write a letter to your baby about how your currently feeling, the things your looking forward to doing with them once they arrive
  • Practice your breathing techniques and other hypnobirthing techniques to help release those awesome hormones!

I hope that you enjoyed these tips, if your looking for more tips and useful information on pregnancy and the 4th trimester – head over to the blog.

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