Hypnobirthing in Leeds City Centre

I love Leeds City Centre! Over the last 10 years, it has transformed so much and has so much to do and so many different restaurants to try it’s almost impossible to choose!

If you are interested in doing a hypnobirthing class in Leeds City Centre, there are several different options available.

We offer private hypnobirthing classes in Leeds City Centre and offers group classes on the outskirts of Leeds in Menston and Harrogate.

The group hypnobirthing classes in Menston are very easy to access from Leeds City Centre with you being able to get a train from Leeds directly to Menston via the Ilkley line. The train takes about 15 minutes with venue being a 5-minute walk from Menston train station and the Harrogate classes are based just opposite Harrogate train station.

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How hypnobirthing has helped others

We absolutely recommend this course not only to first time parents but to anyone who wants to educate themselves on choices during labour & methods to help towards a positive birth of your baby.

Elle, Mum to Be, Sherburn in Elmet, Selby

I have come away with a lot more knowledge of what I can bring, rather than pottering around like a lost schoolboy. We both feel more confident in what is to come.

Warren, 2nd Time Dad to Be, Birstall, Leeds

I have gone from being petrified of labour to looking forward to bringing my baby into the world in my own home, with the people that I love.

Stacey, 2nd Time Mum to Be, Morely, Leeds

My partner also found it really useful to not only understand the process of labour but also what his role in birth is which is something he struggled with our first.

Amy, 2nd Time Mum to Be, Huddersfield

Laura was very knowledgeable and positive throughout our sessions and provided myself and my partner with lots of tools and strategies to help with relaxation techniques.

Lisa, Mum to Be, Farsely, Leeds

Hypnobirthing gave me all the tools, skills and knowledge to stay calm during labour, but the most important thing it gave me was the confidence to make my own decisions and stay in control over my birth experience.

Nina - Mother, Leeds

I was initially skeptical that hypnobirthing was "airy fairy" but actually I really enjoyed it.

Alex - Father, Bradford

Hypnobirthing gave me so much confidence in my body's ability and made me feel really well prepared for giving birth.

Karen - Mother, Leeds

Hypnobirthing gave me the tools to get in to a relaxed and positive head space ahead of and during my daughters birth.

Amy - Mother, Baildon, Bradford

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