Hypnobirthing Classes in Guiseley

Welcome to The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School!

I am very passionate about Yorkshire and have a particular soft spot for Leeds. I am originally from Guiseley and now live in Yeadon.

The majority of my family are also originally from this area, therefore, I take real pride in saying that I am a Guiseley girl!

Having lived in the area for over 30 years, I know the area very well and since having Charlotte, it has opened up a new door into the world of places to take children.

I have a lot of connections within the local communities of Otley, Horsforth, Ilkley, Menston, Burley in Wharfedale and Baildon having done baby classes in different locations and I also have a good understanding of the NHS Trusts in the area after having used the Leeds NHS Trust for the majority of my pregnancy.

If you are considering hypnobirthing and live in this area, let me know and we can meet up for a coffee.

A few suggestions for places to go with smaller children and babies in the Wharfedale Area –

  • Golden Acre Park in Bramhope – A really nice flat walk and is perfect for babies in prams
  • Bluebell Woods in Ilkley – Not for prams but perfect for babies in slings
  • Tumble Town in Guiseley – A very relaxed soft play area and a small area for smaller babies. With it being quite a small area, you can easily see children playing!
  • Funopilis in Shipley – A massive soft play area which is perfect if there is a big group of you all needing high chairs and the play area for younger children is brilliant. Prepare to become a big kid!
  • Local parks – Otley, Horsforth, Ilkely, Yeadon and Menston
  • Yeadon Tarn – A lovely flat walk for pushing a pram
  • Swinsty Reservoir – Perfect for a long flat walk with a pram

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How hypnobirthing has helped others

We became parents last week to a baby boy who was born via caesarean, although this wasn’t part of our birthing plan the techniques we learnt in the classes helped keep Lisa calm and relaxed throughout the labour.

Daniel, Father - Bramley, Leeds

All in all a MUCH better experience and I really feel hypnobirthing made a massive difference to our mindset and birth.

Amy and Gary - 2nd Time Parents, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

My partner and I took the private Hypnobirthing classes with Laura - she was so fantastic, we immediately felt at ease with her. She was patient, friendly, and had so much knowledge and advice to share.

Heidi, Mother to Be - Horsforth, Leeds

Laura has truly empowered me and given me a love and respect for my body and my baby that I didn’t know I had.

Autumn, Mother to Be -Otley, Leeds

We absolutely recommend this course not only to first time parents but to anyone who wants to educate themselves on choices during labour & methods to help towards a positive birth of your baby.

Elle, Mum to Be, Sherburn in Elmet, Selby

I have come away with a lot more knowledge of what I can bring, rather than pottering around like a lost schoolboy. We both feel more confident in what is to come.

Warren, 2nd Time Dad to Be, Birstall, Leeds

I have gone from being petrified of labour to looking forward to bringing my baby into the world in my own home, with the people that I love.

Stacey, 2nd Time Mum to Be, Morely, Leeds

My partner also found it really useful to not only understand the process of labour but also what his role in birth is which is something he struggled with our first.

Amy, 2nd Time Mum to Be, Huddersfield

Laura was very knowledgeable and positive throughout our sessions and provided myself and my partner with lots of tools and strategies to help with relaxation techniques.

Lisa, Mum to Be, Farsely, Leeds

Hypnobirthing gave me all the tools, skills and knowledge to stay calm during labour, but the most important thing it gave me was the confidence to make my own decisions and stay in control over my birth experience.

Nina - Mother, Leeds

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