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Group Hypnobirthing Classes

If you’re looking to interact with other parents whilst learning everything there is to know about hypnobirthing, this class is for you. 

Regardless of whether or not you’ve already done an NCT class, hypnobirthing is a vital element of birth prep as it’s all about preparing your mind and making informed decisions like no other antenatal class can.

The calmer you feel during birth, the better experience you will have, FACT.

So what do we cover in the class?

  • Why it’s crucial to understand how your mind can impact your entire birth experience
  • Everything you need to walk into birth feeling calm & confident in your ability to birth your baby! You’ll create a ‘Relaxation Toolkit’ specifically for you!
  • Intervention in childbirth and why it’s crucial you understand what it entails before giving birth
  • How important it is to have an informed birth partner (if you’re having one) who can be your advocate during birth 
  • You’ll learn how the maternity care system works and how to push for individualised care as well feeling confident to make informed decisions & the confidence to go with your gut instinct
  • An understanding of how your body tends to work in labour & how to work with your body to stay comfortable ⠀
  • Creating birth preferences which focus on your ideal birth yet taking other birth scenarios into account 

As part of the class, you’ll also get these awesome benefits

  • Support from me, an experienced hypnobirthing teacher and birth and postnatal doula on WhatsApp or phone leading up to the birth of your baby
  • A community of The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School parents on my private facebook group where I share further tips, resources and relaxations
  • A variety of relaxation and hypnosis MP3’s to really help solidify your hypnobirthing practice 
  • A parent handbook & Preparing for Baby Gift Bag

Ready to feel empowered and get ready for your birth?
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November Group Class


Per family

The class will be run over these dates and times:

  • Monday 16th November - 6pm to 9pm
  • Sunday 22nd November 10am to 1pm
  • Sunday 29th November 10am to 1pm

December Group Class


Per family

The class will be run over these dates and times:

  • Friday 11th December 6pm to 9pm
  • Monday 14th December 6pm to 9pm
  • Thursday 17th December 6pm to 9pm

February Group Class


Per family

The class will be run over these dates and times:

  • Wednesday 3rd February 6pm to 9pm
  • Sunday 6th February 10am to 1pm
  • Sunday 13th February 10am to 1pm

Reviews & birth stories

It was such an amazing and surreal experience and I know that the knowledge and techniques we learned in Hypnobirthing contributed hugely to having a positive birth experience both where and how we wanted.

Natalie - 1st Time Mams Positive Birth Centre Birth Story

The contrast between my two births couldn’t be more pronounced, but in a heartbeat, I would choose my second birth every time. I want to shout from the roof tops how amazing it is to birth in your own home and be surrounded by the things and people you love.

Stacey 2nd Time Mama - A Home Birth Story

was facing the unknown with the birth of my first baby, listening to my hypnobirthing tracks and focusing my mind really helped, including spraying my favourite calming perfume, to help me relax into it.

Georgie's Birth Story, 1st Time Mama

Overall, I cannot thank Laura enough for not only providing ongoing support during my pregnancy and afterward, but also having the passion and knowledge in hypnobirthing to help encourage women to take control and be the boss of there own births!!!!

Bonny's Positive Birth Story, 1st Time Mama

I would 100% recommend Laura’s classes to anyone having a baby!

Sophie, First Time Mama - Menston, Leeds - Group Class Review

Laura's classes really helped me to understand the birthing process and what to expect so I could have a calm birthing experience.

Elizabeth, First Time Mama – Farsley, Leeds - Group Hypnobirthing Class Review

Hypnobirthing taught me everything I needed to know about labour and the birth, and gave me the tools to work with my body and my mind to stay in control so when the day actually came, I felt fully informed, excited and mentally ready to take it on!

Heidi's Birth Story, First Time Mama - Horsforth

We became parents last week to a baby boy who was born via caesarean, although this wasn’t part of our birthing plan the techniques we learnt in the classes helped keep Lisa calm and relaxed throughout the labour.

Daniel, Father - Bramley, Leeds

All in all a MUCH better experience and I really feel hypnobirthing made a massive difference to our mindset and birth.

Amy and Gary - 2nd Time Parents, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

My partner and I took the private Hypnobirthing classes with Laura - she was so fantastic, we immediately felt at ease with her. She was patient, friendly, and had so much knowledge and advice to share.

Heidi, Mother to Be - Horsforth, Leeds

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