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Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions

Are you looking for a way to relax at the end of a long day whilst bonding with your baby?

I’m thrilled to be bringing my popular relaxations online in order to support you to feel calm and relaxed during such a special time during your life!

Nows time to pull out your favourite blanket, dim the lights and light your favourite candle and get super cosy whilst you relax and focus on getting all those juicy happy hormones flowing!

The sessions will take place in a block of 4, each lasting for an hour. Each week, we will focus on a different hypnobirthing topic such as breathing, which will be really beneficial when it comes to the birth of your baby.

So what do we cover in the class?

Feeling calm and relaxed whilst pregnant is really important in order for all those important birth hormones and these sessions are a great way to help you to take time out to bond with your baby.

Each week, we will cover:

  • Welcome – an opportunity to chat and share our experiences of relaxation in pregnancy
  • A hypnobirthing relaxation tool such as calm breathing
  • Followed by a guided relaxation


What will I need for the sessions?

The sessions are currently being held online so it’s worth setting up your relaxation space before we start the class. Here are a few ideas to set up the space –

  • Light a few scented candles or aromatherapy diffuser
  • Pop on your favourite dressing gown, warm socks and a blanket
  • Headphones so you can completely switch off from the world around you
  • Dim the lights and pop up some fairy lights or turn on a lamp

Ready to feel empowered and get ready for your birth?
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Reviews & birth stories

We set up all my tools and anchors, Put the tens machine on, I sat on a birthing ball and simply breathed her out - no pushing required! The midwives arrived about 5:30 after we called them and I was already 9cm dilated so all that was left for them to do was catch her when she came out.

Lilys Homebirth

Your open and friendly nature made us all feel at ease immediately, it felt like a very personal session, and many members have commented on how they felt that they could ask questions confidently, with nothing being too much trouble for you.

The Leeds Student Midwifery Society

I just wanted to say thank you for the role you also played in our pregnancy and labour journey! I never felt any anxiety since your course and felt super confident in our decision to home birth even though we were first-time parents.

The Story of George's Homebirth

I thought Laura was mad when she said you can still have birth preferences with a C-Section – how much say do you have when you’re numb from your toes to your chest & in my mind, at their mercy; but she was absolutely right & due to how things panned out, I was even more grateful for having spent the time and money on the course.

It was such an amazing and surreal experience and I know that the knowledge and techniques we learned in Hypnobirthing contributed hugely to having a positive birth experience both where and how we wanted.

Natalie - 1st Time Mams Positive Birth Centre Birth Story

The contrast between my two births couldn’t be more pronounced, but in a heartbeat, I would choose my second birth every time. I want to shout from the roof tops how amazing it is to birth in your own home and be surrounded by the things and people you love.

Stacey 2nd Time Mama - A Home Birth Story

was facing the unknown with the birth of my first baby, listening to my hypnobirthing tracks and focusing my mind really helped, including spraying my favourite calming perfume, to help me relax into it.

Georgie's Birth Story, 1st Time Mama

Overall, I cannot thank Laura enough for not only providing ongoing support during my pregnancy and afterward, but also having the passion and knowledge in hypnobirthing to help encourage women to take control and be the boss of there own births!!!!

Bonny's Positive Birth Story, 1st Time Mama

I would 100% recommend Laura’s classes to anyone having a baby!

Sophie, First Time Mama - Menston, Leeds - Group Class Review

Laura's classes really helped me to understand the birthing process and what to expect so I could have a calm birthing experience.

Elizabeth, First Time Mama – Farsley, Leeds - Group Hypnobirthing Class Review

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