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Pregnancy and Birth Positive Affirmation Cards now available to buy at The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School!

The Yorkshire Hypnobirthing School Pregnancy & Birth Affirmation Cards!

I am so excited to show you these! Ever since I launched, these have been something that I’ve wanted to do due to the fact that affirmations played a massive role in helping me overcome my anxieties around birth.

The power of words is HUGE and reading positive statements on a daily basis helps you to reframe your mind and change any negative preconceptions within the subconscious mind. Where the mind leads, the body will follow ?

I literally used to take mine everywhere, to work, trips to Edinburgh and to the hospital when Charlotte was born.

How can the cards be used?

  • Pop up on your bathroom mirror
  • Pop on car dashboard
  • Put one on the toilet door!
  • Stick to every light switch
  • Put on your desk or fridge

There are 20 in a pack and are available to buy immediately!

They are £9.95 with free P&P, I’m currently finalising selling these online and will pop a note on once I’ve sorted it – in the meantime, drop me an email for your pack.

I would love to hear how you use your affirmation cards – let me know what you think ???

Ready to feel empowered and get ready for your birth?

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