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Pregnant during the Christmas Period? Read these tips!

Whilst pregnant, I found the Christmas period so different than I had to another year, people automatically assumed I would be happy to be designated driver, everyone would give me extra portions of food (not a bad perk!) and I didn’t have to help out with the turkey at my parent’s house.. another perk!

I’ve written a few tips below on enjoying Christmas time, let me know of any others that you can think of!

  • Enjoy it! Christmas should be no different to any other year, if you’re a pate lover like me – it can be a challenge but find other things to enjoy instead!
  • Take time out if you need it, leave the Christmas party early if you need to. It can be quite exhausting growing a human, socialising and standing on your feet for an evening – Don’t feel bad about leaving the party early, people get it.
  • Get out in the fresh air – The crisp air and short walks are perfect over Christmas!
  • Have a PJ day – have a day at home watching your favourite films, lots of snuggles and get the oxytocin flowing!
  • Eat! – Yes, there are a few things that aren’t recommended but you can enjoy so much still. Chocolate is still okay right?!
  • Get testing the mocktails – This is a perfect opportunity to try a variety of flavors, and no hangover!
  • Take lots of pictures over Christmas that you can show your baby when they arrive!
  • Have a lie-in or a nice soak in the bath –
  • Make plenty of time for yourself and plan out what self-care goals you are going to do over the next few months
  • Get reading! The perfect opportunity to catch up on any books that you want to enjoy
  • Practice hypnobirthing techniques!
  • Don’t be afraid to say no to invitations

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