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Real hypnobirthing stories

Fiona, 1st Time Mama – Harrogate

Our birth story definitely wouldn’t have been as smooth without Laura. We really weren’t sure about Hypnobirthing but wanted to know more about it. Laura was really patient and happily answered all our questions. I started with contractions at home 2 days before my waters broke and I went to the hospital. The Hypnobirthing techniques we learnt from Laura were invaluable. She made us look at labour in a completely different way which meant I was able to breath through the contractions at home without panicking and made us realise we had choices when it came to giving birth. We didn’t end up with the perfect birth but Laura showed us how to get the right information so we made informed choices at the time which meant we were happy with everything that was happening. We definitely recommend doing this course with Laura. ???

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