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Real hypnobirthing stories

Heidi, Mother to Be – Horsforth, Leeds

My partner and I took the private Hypnobirthing classes with Laura – she was so fantastic, we immediately felt at ease with her. She was patient, friendly, and had so much knowledge and advice to share.

Even beyond the classes Laura has reached out with lovely supportive texts. My partner was sceptical of hypnobirthing at first, going along with it purely because he knew I wanted to do it, within the first twenty minutes of the first session he was completely sold on it once Laura explained the science behind it.

I genuinely feel excited and prepared for the big day to arrive and feel ready to feel empowered and in control for whatever birth experience I have, and I am so pleased my partner gets to play a role too in making our birth as positive as can be.

Thank you so much Laura! ?

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