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Real hypnobirthing stories

Heidi’s Birth Story

Hypnobirthing taught me everything I needed to know about labour and the birth, and gave me the tools to work with my body and my mind to stay in control so when the day actually came, I felt fully informed, excited and mentally ready to take it on!

I hadn’t finished work for maternity leave yet, it was 5am and my waters had definitely gone. I didn’t panic, I called out to my partner before ringing the MAC who asked us to come in to check me over as I wasn’t technically full term yet.

Excitedly I finished packing my hospital bag before we made our way over to the hospital. Things progressed incredibly quickly, contractions became regular in the car and so we were asked to stay in the hospital, and the show continued to pick up pace.

My partner supported me throughout, reminding me of my breathing techniques and playing some of the hypnobirthing tracks at some points to help me stay relaxed.

During the whole labour my partner took the role of telling the brilliant staff my birth preferences, and just generally doing the talking so I could concentrate on the birth. So just 7.5 hours from my waters breaking, our little boy arrived!

It felt incredibly quick for a first birth, and I genuinely believe it was because I had the tools to stay calm, focused, with the support of my partner, and knowing how to work with my body to have the best possible labour.

Thank you Laura for sharing all of your wisdom and giving my partner a role to play in the birth so we went into it as a team!

You’re the best! 

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