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Real hypnobirthing stories

Nina – Mother, Guiseley, Leeds

Towards the end of my second trimester, I started hearing and seeing lots of things about hypnobirthing. I decided to do some further research and soon realised that hypnobirthing could really help me stay calm during labour. I decided to fully emerse myself in understanding hypnobirthing and various hypnobirthing techniques in the run up to the birth of my baby. Hypnobirthing gave me all the tools, skills and knowledge to stay calm during labour, but the most important thing it gave me was the confidence to make my own decisions and stay in control over my birth experience. During my labour, there was doubt amongst the midwives of whether my waters had fully broken and how progressed I was. Examinations were offered to me, but due to my circumstances I was told these examinations could lead to me having to be induced, and this was something I wanted to avoid. Using my knowledge and confidence I had acquired through studying Hypnobirthing, I was able to decline these examinations and trust that my body and my baby would do what was needed, and that my baby would be born when my baby was ready.  Rather than be examined, my husband and I walked the halls at the hospital for a couple of hours, I could tell I was progressing without the need for any examinations. A few hours later, my baby was born without intervention and I stayed in control throughout the experience.

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