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Real hypnobirthing stories

Review – University of Leeds Midwifery Student Session

Firstly, I just wanted to start by saying a big thank you for the Hypnobirthing session you provided for our Midwifery society, we have received such positive feedback from our members, and all those who attended really felt that they learned a lot from your session. We feel privileged as student midwives to be a part of the precious time that pregnancy, birth, and those first few weeks of new family life are – that is why learning about hypnobirthing from you, who undoubtedly shares our passion and joy for providing the best care possible during this time was a true joy, and we could all see how passionate you are about empowering women, which is a common aim for us all.

From speaking to members, the feedback has highlighted that many of us now feel better prepared to support those who use hypnobirthing, and we are more aware of ways that they may choose to do it. By informing us of what they will learn, to how we as student midwives can facilitate this, has given us the skills to improve our practice – something that we all desire to do constantly. However, you not only provided us with information on how to better support women but also how to look after ourselves, with many of the affirmations you mentioned now being something I personally try to include in my own life. 

This was our first virtual study evening, and it was something that as a society we wondered how would work – it worked brilliantly, and is something we would continue to organise, even when we may be able to meet in person again! Your open and friendly nature made us all feel at ease immediately, it felt like a very personal session, and many members have commented on how they felt that they could ask questions confidently, with nothing being too much trouble for you. 

I really could not recommend your sessions enough Laura, I have to give the biggest thank you for taking the time to organise this for us, and I am sure it is a session that future committees would love to run again too!

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