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Real hypnobirthing stories

Stacey, 2nd Time Mum to Be, Morley, Leeds

After a very difficult first labour, we came to Laura when we found out we were expecting again.

I was absolutely terrified of the same happening again and I have to admit that I was a little sceptical as to whether hypnobirthing would help. I couldn’t see how my first labour could have gone differently.

How wrong I was!

Hypnobirthing is much much more than I expected and Laura’s knowledge is remarkable. I have learned so much about my body and how the labour process works (even though I had already been through it!), how vital it is to keep calm and relaxed throughout the birth, and, more importantly, the skills that I need to stay calm and relaxed.

I have gone from being petrified of labour to looking forward to bringing my baby into the world in my own home, with the people that I love. I only wish that I had done hypnobirthing in my first pregnancy. I would urge anybody that is expecting to give hypnobirthing a try, it gives you a whole new perspective and takes all of the fear and anxiety out of giving birth.

I can absolutely see why Laura is so enthusiastic and passionate about hypnobirthing, it really is life-changing.

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