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Real hypnobirthing stories

Vikki, 1st time Mama, Harrogate

I’ve known Laura for a while now as we used to work together in a previous life!

As soon as I heard that Laura has trained as a hypnobirthing teacher, I had said to my husband that I would be doing classes with Laura if and when we got pregnant-it was a non-negotiable for me.

I have a serious case of white coat syndrome and am needle phobic. I knew Laura had suffered with similar feelings in the past and I therefore knew I was in safe, empathetic and reliable hands.

I found out I was pregnant in Nov 2020 and as soon as we got to the first scan, and all clear, I contacted Laura right away.

I knew I wanted to start early as this is a big thing for me!

Myself and my husband started the private sessions and straight away we both knew how helpful this was going to be… Laura has taught us techniques, biology (!), birth rights and answered so many questions about the kinds of things around birth that I have found that people just don’t talk about!

 I listen to the calming MP3 relaxation sessions almost every night, I sleep so much better when I do and feel calmer – my husband even says the same. I have also found that listening to them and breathing ahead of a blood test/injection just keeps the adrenaline at bay and helps me think clearly.

I am due in the next two weeks and know these and the invaluable information around birth, making choices and breathing will be so useful. 

I’m still slightly apprehensive, I think this is perfectly normal for a first time mum but I don’t and haven’t for months, wake up in a complete panic in the middle of the night! 

Laura has been great, open and even after the classes I have messaged her about a few things and she has given solid advice.

Thank you Laura. I know that this will also help me postpartum and in general life being the slightly stressy Sally that I am… 

Worth every single penny.

Much love, Vikki and Will xx

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